The Role of Technology in Our Walk of Faith

These are modern times when a lot of the things that have been invented are a great help to mankind. Advancements have made it so much easier for man to be able to survive and even live life in the most comfortable way.

Some of the useful tools that were developed in our time helps us most with our communication. There are a lot: cellular phones, computers, internet and programs that allow interaction with distant people and enable us to make global friends easily.

Communication technology is a God-given tool, that we may be able to use it to help spread the Word faster and be there for people that need us.

There’s a lot of temptation on these grounds as well. One may misuse these God-given powers. They are sometimes used as tools to promote violence, show visuals that are not suitable for children, and make crimes like scams and phishing. It can also be a breeding ground for gossip, contention and lies.

Stay within the borders and limits of the internet and know the purpose of why it was created by using it for the greater good.

We must avoid these negative tendencies and choose how we use technology to inspire, uplift and motivate others. There is a reason why these things were created in our day. Now is the time! Use it to spread the gospel, that all may know that God lives and that He is there.

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