Moving through Transition: A transition is an unfamiliar place.

Webster characterizes change as, a “section from one state, stage, subject, or spot to another.”

This is the in-between place; the center of leaving something old and recognizable to go into the new and obscure.

Progress is the corridor between two spaces.

What is the best way to respond when in the place of progress?

Stay composed

While traveling through progress, it is imperative to stay composed.

In quietness, one will acquire an understanding of how to push ahead. In quietness, you will know which course to take.


Set aside time to write in a diary. Journaling brings about a sense of peace and calm.

Journaling exhausts the inward space and permits one to have more clarity.


Discover sacred writings or positive affirmations to meditate on. Meditation brings balance to the mind.  Meditation pushes out negativity and allows positive thoughts to enter the mind.


Prayer allows you to impart to God and when combined with tuning in, permits God to impart to you as well.

It allows you to give your concerns, stresses, and fears to a God who is equipped for dealing with the hardest of circumstances.

While traveling through change, try not to be driven by dread or stress. Moving rashly can extend the momentary cycle.

Fear, worry, and anxiety are disruptors that are energy drainers.

While traveling through change, be patient, remain focused, and get more rest.

Spend time near water.

Enjoy each moment.

And patiently wait for a new direction.

Topic: Moving through Transition

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