Have you ever woken up on a Saturday or Sunday morning feeling absolutely hopeless about going to church?

You know when you’re spiritually weak, it’ll be hard for you to get up again without GOD’s presence.

We’re empowered when we worship GOD.

When we leave GOD, he takes away his presence. That’s why we feel so weak spiritually.

Prayer is good. I appreciate prayer.  Prayer is a way to gain strength when you’re trying to get closer to GOD.

Worshipping GOD provides an intimate connection with him. When we worship God, we can draw his attention much closer to us to overcome difficult situations.

You can find and download all the best worship songs online, especially from Hillsong. Find the ones that you can relate with according to your situations.  Find an empty space or room where you can focus and meditate only upon GOD by worshiping him through these songs.

You never know; this could work wonders in your life.

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