God gave us family. It is a gift that we may not be alone on this earth. It is a blessing that will last for eternity. In order to be with our families for eternity, we all must strive for salvation and exaltation.

How do we help each other to continuously keep going along the path of righteousness? We must show our love. Jesus Christ was the perfect example because He had always selflessly given Himself for His brothers and sisters. All His talents and time, He had given accordingly to the faith of men. With Jesus being the perfect example, we must do as He had done, which is to give ourselves to people.

A little good act goes a long way. People don’t really know how much you care until you show it through your actions. Giving is the best way to receive. It shows people that you do care. This emulates the love of Christ from within you.

Good actions help us glow. As we have the light of Christ inside each one of us, let us not put it to waste, nor hide it.  Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. (Matthew 5:16)

You are the light of the world and light cannot be hidden but will shine forth out of the darkness. God loves us so much that He put us in this world together, so that when one’s light grows dim, others may surround us and guide us, so that we may not be left in the darkness.

Continue to do things that will feed your light. May your light not grow dim, but serve as a beacon for others whose lights aren’t as well kept. Keep the fire burning and share your light with others. Be the blessing you want to receive.

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