There is an African proverb saying, “When the music changes, so does the dance”. Each of us have a different kind of song in our hearts. Some run slow, some run fast. But no matter what the tempo, rhythm or pitch, as long as it runs on the meter of God, then it is the music we should be listening to.

There are so many things to choose from in this world. We are offered so many different things each day, ranging from a variety of products inspired to benefit ways of  life on all accounts. God has His special kind of music called Psalms. They may not be in the daily top 100 charts in music stations, but what is popular isn’t always what’s right. We can choose to be right.

Prophetic Music is always there to help us  feel the spirit and rejoice. The music that not only makes us dance, but makes us feel good about ourselves, should not be silenced but sung out loud! We sing in chorus as we worship together through songs of the soul. There are so many ways we can sing our faith. The songs of forgiveness, the songs of joy, the songs of gratitude, and all the other songs that make the Spirit sing. And because of that, Bishop Jordan and his church is giving away free music and songs of the soul that will help inspire, uplift and surely bless.

This month’s special is on Love. God doesn’t want anybody to feel alone, but His gospel culture has always been that of love.  Subscribe to the emails to always receive the prophetic word and offers. CLICK THE LINK NOW to download this latest prophetic sound

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