The Holy Spirit is in the business of changing your life by changing your mind. You don’t have to wait for a special day for your life to turn around.

How you handle the future will determine if you are ready to receive the best that God has for you and your households. Don’t get stuck looking in the rearview mirror. Your past is the past. What God has for you is going to blow your minds. Ignore the enemy, because you can have whatever you set your minds to…

You can make money your friend.
You can handle large sums of money.
You can exercise your ways back to good health.
You can have the house you desire.
You can have the relationships you long for.
You can have the luxury car of your choice.
You can have the career and job of your choice.

You CAN demand your blessing! You can change your life and change your mind by having strong faith in God! The anointing that is on your life is going to give you the power to have great success.


“Save now, we beseech You, O Lord; send now prosperity, O Lord, we beseech You, and give to us success!” (Psalm 118:25)


You have experienced firsthand what it looks like when the enemy’s voice becomes louder than the voice of God. There is no better time than today to change your condition for the better. The enemy will show up to prophesy doom and gloom. But the prophet is in your life to speak to your untapped and unlimited potential. The prophetic word will pull you out of the pit and place us before influential men and women who are game changers.

The crooked paths are being made straight. Everyday, God is putting love in your hearts. Your mind shall be free of all distractions.

Everything you have is a result of your faith. Continue to trust the process. Whatever has been trying to squeeze you is being made into lemonade. The process is bringing you out of poverty. The process is renewing your mind and changing your perspective about life. The enemy shall be defeated!

Do you believe the prophet? If your answer is YES, get ready to receive the prophet’s reward!

Lack is being replaced with plenty. Limitations are being replaced with abundance. The pendulum of prosperity is swinging in your direction.

Peter’s faith allowed him to walk on water. Your faith will have you standing strong when the “tsunamis” of life show up to take you out. The Holy Spirit is building you up so that you can handle any storm that comes your way.

Trust the Master Prophet and the church ministry for a powerful word of prophecy that is going to open up your mind to the ways of God and confuse your enemies.

Each day, there is another aspect of your prosperity that will unfold for you and your family! Lift your right hand towards heaven and pray that the power of God would sustain you. Fear can make any situation look hopeless. But not on the Master Prophet’s watch! He is committed to praying and fighting for your victory until it happens.

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