Whatever you do, don’t fall prey to the trappings of the enemy! In the prophet’s mouth are words that will break down barriers and dismantle years of living a frustrated life. In an OPEN-DOOR SEASON, we cannot afford to allow anything to break our focus or stop us from stepping through the OPEN DOOR!

As long as we let God have His way in our lives, the enemy of our destinies will flee. Inside of us are BIG IDEAS and GREAT CONCEPTS that will change our financial picture for the absolute best; but our daily thoughts have to be fixed on what the Holy Spirit is requiring of us, not on what is going wrong in our lives. Our seeds will keep the enemy at bay. Our lives are improving because our seeds are producing.

We have been given power to speak and command our obstacles to move. In the game of life, we are not a spectator. We are participants. The Holy Spirit is calling us off the bench and into the starting lineup. The water is being troubled for us to get our blessings. Don’t get caught staring at the pool when the Holy Spirit wants us to step in!

Don’t ever allow fears to have us miss this golden opportunity to walk into our blessings. Keep your eyes on the prize. As we prepare ourselves to receive this life-changing word, God is making the crooked paths straight.

“YOU Are Spectacular!”

Every day that we step out of the bed, God is giving us an opportunity to be spectacular. The pressures that are trying to turn us away from our blessings will not succeed, because the water has been troubled for us. Trust the voice of the prophet. Our thoughts are changing, and our environment is becoming conducive for the spectacular to happen! Great and effectual doors shall be opening for us!

We have been asking the Holy Spirit, “When will it be my turn?” Well, a sound has come from heaven saying, “We were born for a time such as this.” Some will sit on their faith and live a below average life, while others will mount up on wings of eagles, soar to heights unimaginable and purpose to live the God-kind of life. The Holy Spirit has heightened our abilities to see further into the future. There is no stopping us now!

Declare over our lives now! “DOORS ARE OPENING FOR ME THAT NO ONE CAN SHUT!” Rest in what God is doing in our lives. Our WEALTHY PLACE is right in front of us. Can you see it?

We Choose Our Destiny

Our destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. When everything around us says it’s time to pack it up and throw in the towel, the Holy Spirit comes on the scene and says, “Not on my watch!” We are greater than that! In fact, the joy and journey of clearing those obstacles is what separates us and makes us worthy to receive our crown of glory.

WE have the power…
to create the life we desire!
refute any negative information we have received!
to create our own exits and entrances in life!
and to tell our feelings how to feel!

Right now, doors will surprise many people around us, but NO ONE will be able to shut them! Your future has possibilities that are waiting for you to show up and fill out the application.

The prophetic word that the Master Prophets spoke of over our lives has the power to pull our blessings right out of heaven. Our enemies will scatter because we have entered a season of praying without ceasing. Those that were improbable are now working for our benefit because our prophetic word is moving on the scene.

Allow the Power of Prophecy to move us into divine order with God, so that our testimonies are going to be rich with God’s overwhelming love and grace.

When the small has you, the big can’t get to you. The doors are opening… get ready to step through them!

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