Our distress shall be put to rest, and now, the Lord has declared:


“Be my rock of refuge, to which I can always go; give the command to save me, for you are my rock and my fortress..” (Psalm 71:3)

There are moments in our lives when…

  • Situations don’t seem to add up, despite all our efforts to make things right (the cycle seems to repeat itself over and over)
  • People (even those closest to us) seem like they only want to take from us (yet never give) and we’ve noticed this
  • Event after event seem to pop up in our lives to bring us back down again, just when we feel like we were getting our feet back underneath us

It was in that powerful moment of realization that God began to give me a specific set of prophetic instructions. He wants us to follow to know that God is God even in the face of our most pressing situations!

God Is Our Rock of Refuge

God becomes our rock of refuge for increase to dissolve any financial hardship we may experience in our lives!

He becomes our rock of refuge to relieve us of every toxic and discouraging relationship in our lives to set us free from anguish, worry, depression and low self-esteem!

God becomes our rock of refuge in our health, as sickness and infirmity leave our body and strength and restoration begin to come into our being in the precious and mighty name of Jesus Christ!

Let’s recite this African prayer…

I am one with God, my father and the universe.
I am one with mother earth.
And, in this togetherness, I ask the divine intelligence to eradicate all
negativity from my heart, from my mind,
from my words, and from my actions.
Lord, be my rock! And, so be it.

God is our refuge and the time has come for the world to see!

Believe in your heart that WE can trust HIM in this season to stand with US! Let’s continue to pray in the heart of the Motherland to restore HOPE, JUSTICE, FAVOR, HEALING and PRAYER back into our nation!

Believe that God will immediately begin to send His healing angels into our homes to remove all types of distress in our lives that’s causing us mental, physical and even spiritual unrest.

Declare that the doors of favor will begin to open in the next 48 hours, as signs and wonders begin to show up in our lives as confirmation that God is doing a new thing in us and in our immediate atmosphere!

A dynamic connection/relationship will start to blossom. It is a sign that God is moving us away from the circle of distress. He is moving us into the circle called blessed! We will know in our heart of hearts who this person is when they show up. Then we will start to reap the benefits of such a powerful connection.

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