When we are not living in the moment, it is difficult to see the forest for the trees. Try to do a reality check. Stand still for 10 seconds, inhaling and exhaling. Now, that wasn’t difficult at all, was it? Too many people ignore the blessings that are staring them in the face. We can be so close to something that we don’t recognize its value.

Many people have been very close to one-dollar bills, but because they had a certain amount in mind, they may not have recognized the true power of the dollar. The Bible warns us not to despise small beginnings. The Father is constantly putting blessings in our lives. Some do not come with a big bow or a horn that blows when opened. Sometimes, it’s something simple that needs our close attention.

Occupy The Present Moment

The hardest space for us to occupy is the present moment. Despite all our praying and fasting, the enemy still has found a way to distract us from the promises of God for our lives.

God wants to take us off “manna” and give us daily bread. He wants us to have money and lots of it. God wants us to use our creative ability to invent money.

What looks insufficient in our hands, is our miracle in the hands of God. The enemy is so busy distracting us that we can find ourselves running from one project to the next. What we are calling “getting the job done”, the Holy Spirit is calling “one major distraction to keep our focus off the prize”. REMEMBER, God wants us to invent money, not sweat for money.

Receive Your Wealth

Our wealth is being released as we continue to allow the prophetic word to clear the way. The misunderstandings concerning our money will turn around for us. The weight of His glory is resting on our shoulders. The hands of the enemy are being cut off. We will walk through open doors. Words like lack, scarcity, fear, doubt, and indecision should not be a part of our vocabulary moving forward.

We owe this to ourselves to stop ignoring our small victories and celebrate what God is doing.  It’s time to break some old routines! Smell the roses. It’s time to enjoy the journey! Our words are creative words that invent money, opportunities, open doors and favor.

Let’s all be at the ‘well’! At the well, we will discover new and exciting things about our lives. We will understand the economic power the dollar carries. Let’s embrace the truth that we are the lender and not the borrower!
We must continually remind ourselves that the divine ideas that we keep going over in our mind are going to manifest! The key is not to despise small beginnings. We are not created to be a test dummy for the enemy. God did not create us to be a doormat.


God will move us to our next position. Our new circle of friends should be those who will celebrate our victories. Let’s prepare ourselves because we are in for a tremendous ride. God will remove every mountain that we will speak to. The Holy Spirit is building our faith to walk through some uncharted territory. Let’s all keep our eyes open. Important things, significant pieces of the puzzle, are arriving in small packages. Let us shout, “ALL IS WELL!”

Remember that the role of our prophets is to hold the ladder as we climb to the next level.

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