No man is an island. People need people in order to be happy and have a fulfilling life.

We were all born differently. I believe everyone was born with the capacity to be great leaders. But not everyone is given equal opportunities in life to lead. Nonetheless, we can become the leaders of our own circumstance. What does a good leader do? What are their winning characteristics?

A good leader does these three basics D’s:

  • Decides- The art of choosing is a difficult one indeed, but a leader decides. Once they set their mind to something, whether it’s a new passion or a new project, they put their heart, mind and soul into it. When they start, they begin with the end in mind. They can visualize what they want to be and start building up the next steps of the ladder to get to their goals.
  • Delegates- A good leader knows that he/she cannot do it on his/her own and utilizes all the  materials he/she has in store and all the human resources that have the capability to contribute.
  • Delivers- Here, a good leader successfully brings the final product of all the teamwork and effort put in every decision-making process and action taken.


When you DECIDE what you want and DELEGATE the work, you will be able to DELIVER. That is the promise of determination. Never forget to ask the Lord for help. No matter how driven you may be, time will come that it will be very hard. Do not falter, for discomfort means you are growing. Remember, for all the trials and all the successes, thank the Lord!

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