Your actions, language, and thoughts are spiritually enlightened, as Jesus Christ is food for the spirit.

Doing as Jesus would is not just about refraining from sin, but also about deliberately acting and speaking in service for the Lord. For example, if a man who partakes in the Bread and Wine stumbles upon a stranger in need, he would act charitably towards this person, just as Jesus would. If this man were to observe a sinner being alienated from other people, he would show the sinner mercy, just as Jesus showed mercy to tax collectors and prostitutes.

Those who are one with Jesus Christ, having taken in the Bread and Wine, become worthy of heaven because they do as Jesus does. They speak the truth, just as Jesus did. Their thoughts are pure and enlightened, as were Jesus’ thoughts.

If you want to enter into the kingdom of heaven, become one with Christ by partaking in his body and blood. Walk in his ways. Walk in truth and purity.

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