timingThere are times when we pray for something and it doesn’t happen right away. This leads us to being frustrated and doubting the power of God. But what we don’t know is that God has His own timing. And His timing my actually be very different from what we expect.

Prophetic timing is God’s timing. Are you operating in God’s timing? You don’t want to miss the move of God. You don’t want to miss the prophetic destiny that He has set before you. You don’t want to miss your day of visitation. The race is not given to the swift, but it is given to those who endure to the very end. However, you have to continually have an open ear to hear what God is saying. Are you operating according to God’s timetable or have you fallen behind schedule? Are you perhaps running ahead of God? What time are you moving in? Or are you doing some work that you were supposed to do ten years ago?

Speak to a prophet today to know what God has in store for you. Let the prophet reveal your prophetic destiny and start doing the work that God has planned out just for you. Start operating in God’s timetable and get your free written prophecy today.

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