1Before you look out into the world, every day you must also take the time to look inside yourself. When you are at peace with yourself you can be at peace with the world, in the same way when you are able to make wise insights you will be able to see the world as well as your future in a better perspective. Let your personal prophecy reveal more of these things to you.

To earn you a sense of clarity and peace you must calm your mind and meditate. There are many techniques to get you into the meditative state but the important point here is that it is important that you rest your mind in order for your intuition to function properly. When your thoughts are too clouded by worry-some thoughts you will not be helping your intuition point you in the right direction; rather, you confuse it. The Prophet of God can help you de-clutter your mind.

You need to learn how to collect your thoughts calmly and meditate on a regular basis in order to relieve yourself and your intuition from detrimental and useless nuisances. By meditating you allow your analytical processes time to heal as well as assess themselves – processes and functions that are very important in having a good spiritual walk with God.

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