The works of your mind and hands define your identity and determine what you can call forth from the endless stream of possibility and probability that God is continually accessing. 


Every night when you fall asleep, you reap the harvest in your dreams that your work is sowing. God shows up to give you gifts according to what your works are declaring about you. 


The shape and structure of DNA eluded scientists until 1953 when Dr. James Watson had a dream that made him consider the double helix. According to Dr. Watson’s alma mater, Indiana University, the dream was of two intertwined serpents with heads at opposite ends. Although other accounts say, the dream was of a double-sided staircase thus the structure of DNA was discovered.


The Lord says that during this captivating season, He is going to show up to give you gifts according to what your works are declaring about you! Thank You, Jesus!


The truth is good deeds reap a correct harvest while negative deeds reap an incorrect harvest. If you are wondering where your harvest is, it is essential to look at what your works are declaring. If you are experiencing lack, shouldn’t your works declare abundance to experience abundance? If you are experiencing sickness, shouldn’t your works declare Divine health to experience Divine health? What are your works declaring?


The Lord says that there is going to be great value in your dreams during this season. God is going to reveal to you where your deeds and intentions are spoiling your harvest. It’s going to lead you into a Divine reversal called plentiful. Glory, hallelujah! Praise the Lord!


The Lord says He can’t make you listen because He has given you free will, yet He can warn you again and again. It is why your dreams sometimes repeat themselves. You’re about to uncover the harvest you are about to experience according to your works. 


The Lord says your reward will reflect who you are. You must begin to disassociate yourself from any language, place, person, or thing that hinders your harvest. Begin to give God praise for His Divine insight!


You must BE the reward you are seeking! Hallelujah! Until you can still the chatter in your mind and get to the point of stillness, you won’t be at a point of manifestation. Rather than aspiring to be or have something, you must already be that thing in your mind and spirit! Hallelujah!


God is saying that you must feel the house, relationship, and money you desire. Be thankful for it as if you have already received it. Envision it as already existing in your consciousness because your intention and consciousness is what shapes your reality!

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