There are some people who feel that their situation is “unworkable”. They sincerely believe that the world is against them and that they have the worst of luck. They feel as though nothing seems to be going right for them, which causes them to give up and do nothing about their situation.

The problem with these people is that they work against the world, and not with it. How so? They refuse to act and better their situation, expecting everything to be handed over to them.  They hoard things to themselves out of fear that they are not going to be provided for by the universe. This causes their resources to remain fixed and unable to circulate and grow. Some others refuse to work out of sheer laziness, and instead retreat to counterproductive activities such as substance abuse or theft. There are even those who create their own problems by stirring up conflict with other people whom they are jealous of. With such attitudes, it cannot be expected that the world will work for those who are unwilling to cooperate.

If you want to embrace a world that works for you, you must do your share by being productive, positive, and faithful that God will supply.

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