who are these prophets?Where do prophets come from? And how does God choose them? We often think that prophets are these perfect beings who have no problems and have lived  a life of abundance. But what you don’t know is that prophets often face the most trials in their lives.

All prophets appear on the earth as orphans.  If you are an orphan or had orphan-like experiences, it is a very close chance that you are a prophet.  Something is different about their birth, because their calling is different.  Samuel wasn’t raised up by his mother and father.  Samuel was the head of the School of the Prophets.  You don’t hear anything about Elijah’s parents.  All you know is Elijah the Tishbite.  Elisha who had a decent life with is parents, he was called to leave them, and you don’t hear any conversation with him and his parents.  Why?  Because people that carry true prophetic mantles usually are spit out of dysfunctional situations.

These situations help them become the great prophets that they are today. This is because they have put nothing but their faith on God, relying on Him to carry them and give them the wisdom that they need. This is what makes them have a deep connection with God. If you’re feeling troubled and you need direction in life, speak to a prophet, he of all people can relate to your needs and give you the guidance that you need.

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