It must be noted that white lies don’t often lead to the best outcomes. While white lies are meant to make others feel better or prevent them from being hurt, they are not necessarily what’s good for them. Sometimes, having a person believe in a white lie might do even more damage to them than telling them the truth and allowing them to be hurt momentarily.

For example, an aspiring author shows a rough draft of the book he is writing to a friend, who is a literature major. The friend does not think the draft is very good. In fact, she thinks the story is rather weak. However, she does not want to hurt her friend’s feelings, and tells him that she likes his work. She tells him that it is very good. Because of this white lie, the writer continues to work on his book, thinking that nothing is wrong. He later on has problems publishing his book because, like his friend, the editors thought that his story was weak. If his friend had been honest from the start, the man would not have had such problems.

The liar stops being a liar by telling the truth.If you really want to do what is best for others, do not be weak by resorting to white lies. Face other people with the truth and trust that knowing the truth is always what is best for people. It may be uncomfortable or painful to do, but it is the right thing.

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