1Usually when you’re out of college, you make a plan for your life. Where you want to work, how much you want to earn and when you’d like to settle down. Sometimes this works for others while there are also times when your plan fails. What’s great about receiving your free prophecy, id you know from the start what God has in store for you, and you can work your way through out His plan.

Be careful of people who try to tell you what to do. If you do not get a plan for your life, someone else will get one for you. Be careful of people who are always giving you advice but have no fruit when it comes to their own life. You only want people who have won some battles to speak into your life.

Once you wrap your love around your purpose, your assignment will become a lot easier. The people who thought you would not make it will be the first to take notice. They may call you crazy because you put down your old mindset and picked up the mind of the Christ, which represents the Kingdom of God.

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