1Have you been wanting to consult a prophet and yet have been a little hesitant about talking to one? There might be a little doubt in your mind about the prophet that you want to talk to. How do you know if he is really God’s prophet?

How can we say if the prophet is really true: faithfully dedicated and faithfully devoted to God? How can we tell the difference between a true prophet and a false prophet (Matthew 7:15-20)?

You must know the following things:

The true prophet had a personal relationship with God. The message of the true prophet was conditional, depending on the response of the people. The false prophet was ultrapatriotic. He saw God as the unconditional ally of his people regardless of their character or attitude. recognized and proclaimed the ethical and moral character of God and the corresponding demand for such character in the lives of his people and had unimpeachable integrity. He delivered the truth as it had been revealed to him regardless of personal desires or ambitions. The false prophet was a man of doubtful character, sometimes actually immoral. A time-server, he preached a pleasing and optimistic message at all times in order to be popular with his hearers.

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