1Aside from the religious life, normal everyday people who are not in the priesthood are also called to their own unique vocation. He created you and Himself so be assured that He has made a place for you in his salvific plan. Establish your role in the world to fit the nature of God’s plan. Have you found out what God’s plans for you are? If not, it’s time that you get your free prophecy.

Your gifts and abilities were given to you specifically because God had a plan for you. There are certain things that only you can fulfill. When you seek a higher calling, you seek to know the vocation that God has for you and follow through with it. At times you might find yourself asking what you need to do next and how best you can follow God’s will. The answer to that will reside in you.

Look at the way you live now and whatever situation you might currently find yourself in, establish yourself as a part of God’s plan. The role you want to take on as a follower of God must be clear in all your actions. Practice being generous, kind and understanding of the people around you. Present your new vision of things in all of your endeavors from here on. Speak to a prophet and receive your prophetic reading by clicking here.

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