1You are different from others, stop comparing yourself. How you do and learn things is in a different phase from others. Comparing yourself to others will just bring pressure to you and how you do things. Enjoy the process of learning, and you’ll be amazed how you accomplish things on your ownterms. The power of prophecy will let you realize just how completely special you in God’s eyes.

You are valuable as an individual. Society has taught us that if we do not measure with the most talented people then we are not good enough, and that is wrong. We are valuable, who we are, and our talents are different from each other. When you compare to others because you want to improve then that is a good motivation.

People may learn things quicker compared to you. But once again, stop comparing yourself to others. You are different from them; you have your own phase on how you are going to master things. Just enjoy the process and take time to practice, it will help you a lot as you master your skill.

Just set your mind that you are valuable, you can achieve anything through hard work, patience and dedication. Comparing yourself to others can be a motivation that you can use to improve things, to keep on doing things to be able to achieve things like they did.

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