In the story of the adulteress in John 8, her accusers attempted to set traps for Jesus when they questioned him about stoning her to death! The insidious trap of the Pharisees failed miserably before the Lord because Jesus knew how to combat their conniving intentions! 


There are several insidious traps that your accusers desire to set against you! In fact, there are 8 INSIDIOUS ENEMY SETUPS that God revealed to me for you to recognize and cancel in order to reverse the attack! 


There were times in your life when you’ve felt the pain of being knocked ALL THE WAY down, haven’t you? There were times in your life where you’ve walked into traps unexpectedly that were set by the enemy, am I right? The Lord is about to cause you to recognize the conniving intentions of your accusers so that you can walk into a new life!


The Lord is showing me there is an extraordinary new life for you and it is going to come through some unexpected channels. However, the enemy will try his best to set insidious traps against you through specific people, places, and events and you must be made aware of this! The bottom line is YOU REALLY SHOULD HEAR YOUR WORD OF PROPHECY today because you will utilize your prophetic strategy to surely know that their traps won’t work against you!



  1. Self-Defeating Dialogue.
  2. Negative Assumptions.
  3. Negative Comparison with Others.
  4. Negative Rumination about the Past (this is critical).
  5. Disempowering Beliefs.
  6. The Desire to Blame (this attack can happen profusely).
  7. The Struggle to Forgive Yourself and Others.
  8. The Fear of Failure and Making Mistakes.

The Lord saying that He is fighting your battles, arranging things in your favor and making a way out of no way for you in this season! The insidious traps of the enemy shall fall to the ground and you’re about to witness the undeniable favor of the Lord because of your faithfulness to His word and your belief in the word of the prophet! 



  • The Lord says, “I AM loosing angels to go forth and fight for you and as your eyes become open to the traps of the enemy, you will witness a Divine reversal of attack that shall fall upon them, and this shall be a sign to you of My Divine favor!”
  • The Lord also says, “Every barrier that attempts to derail your destiny is being nullified so that My glory can be revealed!”

THERE ARE INSIDIOUS TRAPS YOU MUST BE MADE AWARE TO AVOID and your word of prophecy is going to help you overcome them mightily, because God has a powerful secret that is hidden in your word of prophecy today!

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