“We have spent our last day going around in circles confused by the enemy’s tactics. Rejoice! We have stepped into our season of transition!”

Whenever God calls us to do something special, the enemy will always lay down traps to stop our progress. Many people fail to recognize just how blessed they are when they are faced with the trials of life. When it is time for transition, oftentimes, God allows that which is secure to collapse underneath us. Transition will always look like death, because change is on the horizon.


Did you know that even when our hands appear empty, there is an anointing resting in our fingertips? Every morning when we wake up, opportunities are staring at us. We were created to settle for NOTHING LESS than our TRUE GREATNESS. When we start walking on the road to our destiny, the dead-end streets will be off to the side.

God has given our angels the ability to bring forth multiplication in our lives. If we acknowledge them, they can do that which they were assigned to do. The key is acknowledging, for the Bible says we are to acknowledge God in all our ways and He will direct our path.

One of the most frustrating things in life is to do the same thing over and over again looking for a different result. It takes courage to step outside of the box and say, “I am going to do things differently.” In fact, we are going to have to ignore all of the facts that say we cannot do it. We must realize that there is a commanded blessing that God will assign to our lives right in the middle of the most difficult seasons.

Always Seek for Knowledge

The only thing we are lacking is the boldness to give ourselves permission to move forward. Until we go within and discover just how blessed we are, we will remain in lack. The high achievers of the world understand that greatness is waiting to be discovered.

Our Angels of Transition are pointing us to the invisible supply that resides within us.  No more imbalance. We are stepping into divine stability!
The enemy would love to keep us in the dark. The lack of knowledge can cause us to be ignorant to what is in our hands. So much has been placed around us by the Holy Spirit. Start taking advantage of the vast opportunities around you. Our Angels of Transition are not afraid of the dark. The Holy Spirit is giving us the strength to walk towards our invisible supply with complete confidence and boldness.
When our imagination is inactive, we will settle for the crumbs that life tosses our way. While most people are throwing in the towel, our faith today says we have decided to fight the good fight of faith. When we are passionate about something and fight to never give up, we will always be judged. Our imagination is the key to manifesting the best that God has for us.
Stop settling for less!
  • There is so much more to us than meets the eye!
  • Start to challenge yourself to do better, be better and have better!
  • Our imagination will create the life we desire!
  • There is too much God in us to settle for anything less than God’s best for our life!

Challenges Should Be Our Motivation for Transition

We need to open our eyes so that we can see that our challenges are not as bad as they appear. Even if we are currently experiencing challenges in our lives, know that the only obstacle to our breakthrough is that we are blind to the answers that are right in front of us. Just because our environment is contrary to the vision that God has revealed to us does not mean it will not happen! Our Angels of Transition are challenging us to not settle for the disappointments and heartaches that the enemy has tried to insert into our destiny. Fix your mind on things above.

We are about to walk out of every situation that does not speak the truth of who we are. The Spirit of the Lord is going to challenge us to walk away from dumb things. Our Angels of Transition will bring us a constant flow of vision from God about how our future should play out! When our mind shifts from being the victim to the victor, we are ready for what life will throw at us. We are tougher than we can imagine. We have the inner strength to create the life that we desire. The trials and obstacles we see are not there for our failure. They only show up to see if we’re ready to pass the test.  My family in Christ, we can say YES or NO to our future. I CHALLENGE YOU ALL TO SAY YES

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