1How can you tell the difference between a prophet and a hoax? The Bible enumerates some truths about the prophet and how you can distinguish them.

A true prophet of God does things solely for His glory while a false prophet is more focused on personal or monetary gain, for self-glorification only. A true prophet was called and sent by God while a false prophet only appoints himself or herself. Most importantly, a true prophet uses the Word of God in preaching and relies exclusively for God’s truth. On the other hand, there are some people who look for astrology as guidance.

Palm readers and the like are not prophets. 
We should not rely on them as God is the only one who can give direction in our lives and not the creation He made. We should be aware that reading horoscopes can just lead us to believing in it more than believing in what God desires for us. God has bigger plans for us and it is not determined through astrology. Let us be on guard in choosing whose prophet to really believe in.

When you speak to a prophet, you will realize God’s working hand in your life and feel that you finally have purpose. You will gain more wisdom and realize that God has a specific plan for your life. Click here now and get your true written prophecy today.

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