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There are many false prophets because many people speak from their own belief. They believe in what their own mind tells them. God says, “Woe to the foolish prophets, who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing!” (Ezekiel 13:3-4) People’s own desire made them follow the enemy.

Satan’s followers hide themselves in sheep’s clothing. In this present time, it is important to be prepared to recognize people with false anointing. Their ways are not of God’s. They contradict what’s written in the scripture. Their only aim is to keep you away from God.

Do not receive a prophecy from just anyone. Jesus warns that some people would prophesy in his name but not actually know him. False prophets can be detected by their fruits. Some others speak of God, but their lifestyle are ungodly. This can confuse your beliefs, but do not be swayed. Hold on to what you know is true.

Some other prophecies appear to be flattering. Beware of these prophecies. This often misleads you unknowingly, and draws you away from God’s grace. Be filled with the Holy Spirit. Let his anointing and blood protect you from these false preachers. Remember that they are not from God, they are from the devil. Do not be deceived.

Followers of Satan are abundant in this world. They are out to deceive Christ’s believers. Being armed with the gospel helps us determine people with fake anointing. Always, hold on to the revelations of God. Soon, Jesus will come to defeat the enemy and win the souls of his faithful followers. To know if someone’s anointing is genuine, God gave us His advice. He shall display a Godly character for he bears the fruit of the spirit. If it is otherwise, then he is a fake. An anointed prophet shall be consistent with the Scripture.

When you get a prophecy, ask God for wisdom. You will know if a prophetic word is blessed or not. The peace that comes with this word is necessary for you to test the prophet who delivers this message.

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