powerThe principle of connection is a tad underrated. We all make connections with people and we communicate everyday. This is such a normal and natural thing for us that we don’t notice how these connections, affect our lives and the lives of others. When things go wrong, you often look to yourself for the fault, but it’s not always you who causes these bad situations to happen in your life. Your written prophecy will reveal that to you.

People are responsible for getting you into the situations that you are in today. You cannot sin by yourself. There has to be someone to expose you to the decay of life. There has to be someone to party with, to sleep with, to drug with. You don’t sin by yourself. The drug addict did not become addicted to drugs by himself. He had to go to the drug dealer to obtain the drugs to which he is addicted. The drug dealer provided access to that which caused great pain in the drug addict’s life. Similarly, you need a person to get you out of the situations that you are in. People get you into situations, and it will take people to get you out.

Know more about yourself and how you can turn things around in your life. Learn about how you can make the right connections in life. Speak to a prophet and get your prophetic reading today.

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