Faith is trusting in God. The lack of faith doubts God. The Lord have shown us the three thingsthat concerning Biblical faith. When we combine the three elements you can operate in mountainmoving faith. Bishop Jordan believes that you need to stop wavering and start taking God for His Word andlay hold of God promises. And God said we shall cast out demons, it means God’s gives us the ability to drive out evil spirits, God said we have a right to be healed in God’s name, we havethat right and we ought to start trusting God and believing it.The knowledge of the truth in the Lord’s word that brings our faith is based upon the truth in God’s word. Knowing what God’s word has to say about something gives us the ability to believe it. And our faith is based upon God’s word. We need to have a true heart of full assurance and washed clean from evil conscience. To operate in faith is to be rooted and grounded in love so that our faith will operate through love.The Prophetic Network is a network which created for those who have been touch by the prophetic words. To learn more about the Prophetic network you may contact or email us.

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