You have often heard about the power of positive thinking. Did you know that the power of positive thinking is simply faith? Positive thinking is a true and completely unbreakable belief that things will always be okay, that the world is on your side and therefore nothing can go wrong. Faith in God is the belief that things will always be okay, that God is on your side and therefore nothing can go wrong.

images It is interesting that people will put their faith in positive thought itself yet never ask themselves why this power works. God is there providing for those who have faith. When you have faith in God you cannot help yourself. You always want to smile and believe things will be okay. It is not the same as saying out loud to someone facing hard times “Things will be fine” as you pat their back yet you are saying it simply because it is expected. It is a 100 percent certainty that nothing can go wrong.

Remember when you are telling someone everything will be fine, obviously things are not fine at that moment. Something is hanging in the balance that is uncertain. These are the times when many people either batten down the hatches and cling to their faith or begin to doubt that God is actually there.

Positive thinking is said to bring all kinds of wonders and wealth into your life. But again do you not wonder why or how? Positive thinking believes there is goodness in the world, that all people are good and that the world wants you to be happy. It is the exact same thing with faith in God. Faith in God has one added benefit that goes beyond these basic beliefs. Faith in God adds the addition that in death we are actually given a final gift of eternal life in heaven by his side. This makes it easier for Christians to face illness and death either on their own or even of a loved one. Because they know they will see God and their loved ones again for eternity.

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