Prosperity begins in your mind, and so does poverty. It’s time for you to make a choice. 


You were made whole in every area of your living! You were happy because you were stress-free! You were glowing because you were living your life’s dream. Your bills were paid in full, and you had excess money in all of your accounts!


That isn’t all. Your health was operating at an optimum level, and life appeared to be more rewarding than ever! Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus!


You may ask, how is this possible? The Lord says, “You stopped allowing the spirit of fear to get inside their head.”


The Lord says that during this Psalm 92 Miracle season, it is incredibly vital for you to understand that your prosperity begins in your mind. Your prosperity becomes impossible whenever the mental attitude is hostile to it!


It is fatal to your wealth potential to work for one thing and to expect something else because everything must be created mentally first and is bound to follow its mental pattern. WOW and WOW! The question is, What are you thinking?


You must understand that your needs also matter because you’ve been assisting others. People have also been very trying recently, and if you don’t value your mind, monitor your thought process, and declare abundance for yourself through action and application, you’re only sabotaging your future. WOW and WOW!


The Lord says right now is a miracle. Right now, is the moment guaranteed to you. Right now, is life, and it’s time you start living in your prosperity through your application of thought and action. Don’t allow the spirit of fear or failure to cause you to think about how great things will be in the future and start working on your future right now! You must also stop dwelling on what did or didn’t happen in the past.  The Lord says that as you learn to be in the ‘here and now’ and experience life as it’s happening, you’re going to begin executing your plan for prosperity as prosperity happens because prosperity and poverty begin in the mind. So, what are you thinking? 


If you think that every step you take is on the road to failure, how can you hope to arrive at the success goal? The truth is that even though you may be working in the opposite direction if you’re continually thinking the wrong way toward the depressing, hopeless outlook, it will kill the results of your efforts.


The Lord says that this is a season of your life to trust in the power that He has placed on the inside of you for prosperity in EVERY area of your life. Being ambitious for wealth and yet always doubt your ability to have what you desire, is like trying to reach East by traveling West! You must know firmly in your mind that God has called you to flourish like the palm tree!


You must not play the part of a poor man while you are exerting all your energy to create increase. You must get into a prosperous mental attitude, because as long as you carry about a poorhouse atmosphere with you, you make a poorhouse impression, and that will never attract prosperity in your direction.

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