Do you believe that you can create your own prosperity and abundance?  The power of prophecy allows you to have a prophetic voice. Meaning, you have the power to let things happen the way you want them to. One of the most powerful secrets to your prophetic voice is that nothing will ever be in your life until you let things be. You hold the progress of your entire life.

No matter what area of your life you are seeking manifestation all you have to do is simply let it be. You may think to yourself, “Come on, that sounds too easy.” Understand that when God gave us his example in Genesis, God wasn’t merely showing off His sophisticated creation skills. The principal reason why the entire first chapter of the book of Genesis exists is as a model to show you the example for creating everything that exists, by prophetically speaking it forth and simply letting it be.

Prophecy can change your life and completely turn things around. Stop trying to slow things down by not giving in to your prophetic voice. Use your voice in order to manifest your desires in life. Speak to a prophet today and learn how to create prosperity and abundance in your life and loved ones’ life. God knows your deserve it.

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