seedProphets should be considered gifts in our world. Not only do they declare God’s message to His people and tell them their purposes, but they also face challenges that come along while they spread God’s Word out.

If you come in as a new prophet, and you’re seeking more of the Lord, and you really don’t know what you’re looking for, but you’re seeking.  And then you begin to sow into the life of the prophet because God told you to sow into the life of the prophet, and you continue to sow and you’re sowing and you’re sowing.  At that time you might not be aware of why you’re sowing.  Why are you sowing so much, but you know that you hear the Lord say sow.  That is where God will bring you to the place of emptying out, so that you can receive the life of the prophet that you’re sowing into.

Start sowing and seeking today. Talk to a prophet and get your free written prophecy. See how God speaks to you and learn how you can start making a difference in this world.

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