Why do you honor and respect others? It is because they deserve to be respected or to be honored. As mentioned in the previous chapter, everybody deserves respect. But do you love all the people you respect or give honor to? Or the question rather is, does giving honor or respect to people automatically mean love? No, definitely.

You can admire people just because of what you see from afar. Maybe you respect your teachers at school because they speak with integrity. Maybe you honor your boss because he is a man of principle. But this does not necessarily mean that you love these people and would be faithful to them.

But when you honor your parents, it means that you love them. Love, obedience, honor, respect, and faithfulness are the key requirements of fulfilling the fifth commandment of God. You do not honor your parents because you see something good in them. You honor them because your love for them enables you to do so.

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