Notice the huge curtains or veils in theaters. Have you ever wondered why curtains are placed there? It is to cover the screen before the show begins. The same goes in live plays, the curtains allow the actors to do their preparations without the audience seeing. So the curtains are divisions or coverings. These block the messy preparations from the audience’s view. This was because the intention was for the audience to only see the perfect show once the curtains are rolled up.

Think of the curtain as the wall that covered God’s view to man. God dislikes sin. And because man was sinful, God cannot look into man. As discussed in the previous chapters, sin caused the separation between man and God. So sin caused the veil to cover man from God.

How did this thing happen? When Adam and Eve disobeyed God and sinned, a division was created between man and God. There was this veil that covered man’s view and blocked the work of God to prosper in man’s life. So until the veil is torn or the division destroyed, man will remain separated from God.

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