As young children we challenged our associates to travel a two wheeler down a vertical high ground, ascend a 30 base tree, consume worms or drink absurd concoctions – and in our immature modes -we would manage it. Yet when Jesus states for us to arrive to Him in immature belief – we labor with it.

How is it as young children we would gag down a concoction of warm dressing, apple crop dressing and spinach but when the Lord Jesus states believe Me, pursue Me, comply Me we question us, our natural forces, our assets, our power, and our need of understanding.

When the Lord Jesus states for us to arrive to Him in immature belief, numerous of us labor with it because what it was like to be a progeny is just a very distant recollection, and the hardships of our mature individual inhabits spend us now. Life nowadays is spent with the difficulties of today’s world.

Bishop Bernard Jordan shares this verse on Numbers 11:23 that states, “The Lord said to Moses, ‘Is there any restrict to my power?'” Where is God limited? Is He restricted with money? No, it is all His. Is He restricted by a sickness we have? No, He is the Great Physician. Is He restricted in power? No, His power is limitless. So what can restrict God? Can our flaws, inabilities, illnesses, need of comprehending, or resources? We may be feeble, but He is powerful and He is our power and grace. We may not have assets, but He does. We may not have gifts or natural forces, but He can give it. We may not have comprehending, but He can give us phrases of wisdom and knowledge.

What manage you require that appears impossible? Bishop Bernard Jordan asks you, what obstacle is in your way that desires to be moved? What trials are you faced with that appear too overwhelming? When you ponder these inquiries, manage you glimpse any localities you may have restricted God?

If God can talk the heavens and soil into existence; lift the dead, give view to the unseeing, make the deafness discover, therapy infections, have ravens convey nourishment, have donkey’s talk – can our difficulties, doubts, need of natural forces or assets hinder Him?

God is the God of unrealistic – if He can origin the sun not to proceed down for an whole day, drive manna from paradise, and have water arrive from a rock than not anything is unrealistic if we believe. Bishop Bernard Jordan challenges you to accept as factual in the position you are in right now for Him to arrive in and invade it in His power, His power, and His grace. I challenge you to accept as factual that He can manage anything.

So what is halting God from invading our situation? It is our faith; we have put restricts on God and His power. Let Him invade your unrealistic positions by taking the restricts off Him. I challenge you to ask for Him in today understanding that His ideas and His modes are higher than your modes and His power is limitless. If God has permitted positions in your life, or put aspirations in your heart, than He is the one who will give you His limitless power to continue.

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