The net-breaking story of Jesus and Simon Peter on the boat stands out because there is a SECRET INGREDIENT that’s necessary for a NET-BREAKING miracle to happen! 

Would you like to know what the SECRET INGREDIENT is?


The moment you discover the incredible SECRET INGREDIENT is the moment you’re going to discover that you’ve had the miraculous power to access multiple NET-BREAKING EXPERIENCES all-along! That’s right. With this SECRET INGREDIENT, you will soon come to know and understand…

  • No financial prison can keep you from the freedom of God’s abundance.
  • No emotional scar is big enough to destroy your perfect peace.
  • No physical infirmity can garner the victory over your body! 

What’s more is that you’ve known this SECRET INGREDIENT all along, yet there are times when you have allowed it to go unused in the making of your miracle! Oftentimes, the lack of this SECRET INGREDIENT is a major reason why we fail to witness NET-BREAKING EXPERIENCES in our lives!


Are you sure ready to discover this SECRET INGREDIENT?


Immediately after Simon and his team let down their net, they were able to reap a harvest that exceeded their expectations. In fact, it was a NET-BREAKING EXPERIENCE that took place! But it was only AFTER they obeyed the Lord’s instructions that the miracle happens! Obedience is the SECRET INGREDIENT in the making of your miracle!


It’s only after you obey God’s instruction that you’ll reap His results! Even after toiling all night and catching nothing, Simon and his team had the strength to “launch again.” When God speaks, He gives you the grace to “cast again” because He is giving you the incredible opportunity to obey your way into a miracle! Hallelujah!


Lift up your hands wherever you are today, because the Lord says that your NET-BREAKING EXPERIENCE will happen immediately after you use the SECRET INGREDIENT known as obedience!


There’s a situation that took place some time ago where you were denied access to something you were seeking to get. The Lord says that as you cast your net of obedience into the ocean of possibility, there is a YES that’s going to replace the NO that was first spoken to you! 



Make no mistake, when it comes to preparing for a miracle to happen in your life, you can pray for a miracle and you can fast for a miracle, but OBEDIENCE is the only ingredient that will release your miracle!

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