Behind every “I Won’t” is an “I Will” waiting to be revealed because where there’s a will there’s a way. The Lord said, abort any seed that gives birth to lack during this Law of Abundance season. Concerning the hasty arrival of your financial abundance, The Lord says, 

“This is your season to declare “I Will” in the ugly face of “I Won’t!”

There were times when you’ve spoken verbal atrocities upon your future through detrimental statements like:

  • “I won’t be happy until I make a million dollars.”
  • “I won’t be happy until my bills are paid.”
  • “I won’t be happy unless my family changes.”
  • “I won’t be happy until I have a better job.”
  • “I won’t be happy until I lose weight.”
  • “I won’t be happy unless I win.”
  • “I won’t be happy with so much stress in my life.”
  • “I won’t be happy, because there isn’t enough.”

The Lord says that during this anointed LAW OF ABUNDANCE season, you must learn to create and fulfill your own personal success because if you fail to do so, getting more in life will only leave you feeling more dissatisfied and anxious. 


Here’s why: you will never be familiar with creating your own success, but instead, you will always be dependent upon other people, places and things outside of you to deliver your happiness! The Bible says in Deuteronomy 8:18, that God has given us the extraordinary power to get wealth! Then you must learn to activate that power to create your own personal fulfillment in life! Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus!


The Lord says, without personal fulfillment, the more you get, the unhappier you’ll become. Think about it. Why is it that the tabloids are full of unhappy stories about the rich and famous? For many celebrities, fame and money bring only misery, addiction, divorce, violence, betrayal and depression! In fact, you’ll discover that many have inherited wealth without ever knowing the fulfillment of creating it for themselves? 

The Lord says that during this LAW OF ABUNDANCE season, your abundance can be a heaven or hell, depending on the degree of personal fulfillment you have already achieved! 


As you begin to declare “I WILL” in this LAW OF ABUNDANCE season you are standing in, it’s going to begin to activate the GOD-IN-YOU to fulfill that which is forming on the inside of you! You’re in a “pregnant” season because there are dreams, visions and ideas you desire to give birth to! The Lord says your fulfillment is the delivery that He will walk you through according to your faith! That’s because WHENEVER YOU SAY, “I WILL,” IT ACTIVATES THE GOD IN YOU TO BECOME FULFILLED!

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