Your parents are God’s chosen people to nurture you and make you the best person God intends you to be. You cannot choose your parents. You cannot change them. They were handpicked by God to become your family. And so you must give your highest respect to them.

When you respect your parents, you are respecting the decision of God. This is because you acknowledge your parent’s value and worth. This is because giving respect to your parents means that they are important to you. Since your parents are chosen by God, then it means that you are respecting the choice God made for your life.

Giving respect to your parents should know no boundaries. Meaning, you have to give your respect to them without reservations. Your parents are only humans and are vulnerable to make mistakes. They can hurt or offend you at times but this does not mean that you should respect them less. They are your parents no matter what happens. And even if they fail you, you should respect them. The bible said that you respect your parents. It did not say that you respect your parents only if they do good things to you. The bible did not say that you stop giving respect to your parents when they make mistakes. The fifth commandment was made clear by God, “Respect your father and mother, and you will live a long and successful life in the land I am giving you.”

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