What does it mean to fulfill the fifth commandment of God? According to the previous chapters, giving honor to your parents means that you give them high regards and respect. This means that you know their importance and value in your life. You obey them and respect them even if they have imperfections.

The fifth commandment is not an easy thing to do. Although it might sound simple and should be automatic to anyone, giving respect and honor require more than just attention and acknowledgement. There is more to appreciation and high regards. What makes your obedience and respect genuine is the humility that you exude as you honor your parents.

Admit it, there are lots of times when you think and honestly feel that you are greater or way better than your parents. Just take technology as an example. It is very seldom that you will hear parents that are more technologically adept than their child. Although you might not show your frustration with your parents’ limited knowledge with the more advance sciences and technology, your perception of might be different. And worse, you might at times unintentionally look down on them when they make mistakes simply because they are not as equipped as you.

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