Opportunity is nothing more than God disguised as a path that brings you closer to fulfilling your destiny!


In this Law of Abundance season, the Lord has an earnest word for you that will create increase, out of the mesmerizing book of Ephesians! 


“See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” (Ephesians 5:15-16)


The Lord says that as you walk in wisdom during this season, it’s going to increase your groundbreaking ability to redeem the time, also known as recognizing opportunity! 


It is your appointed season to take full advantage of the multiple opportunities that come to you, even in the form of your gifts and talents. It is because when you deny or throw away your God-given gifts, you set aside the opportunities that God has laid out for you. You ultimately miss God when you miss out on the opportunity! 


Here’s why:


When you possess the unprecedented ability to recognize opportunity, you know how to identify promising changes unfolding around you, and you act to take advantage of them. In essence, recognizing opportunity gives you the phenomenal power to create miracles! Without a doubt, the presence of God is required to create miracles. Opportunity is nothing more than God disguised as a path that brings you closer to fulfilling your destiny!




To strengthen your ability to recognize opportunity, consider these five wise gems:

  1. Expand your knowledge in areas of your life you desire to improve.
  2. Seek mentors who have already achieved what you desire in life.
  3. Routinely take stock of what is trending in the landscape of business.
  4. Gain a greater variety of experiences to diversify your life.
  5. View problems through the lens of a problem-solver.

The Lord says that in this age of rapid change, it shall be those who can recognize and leverage His presence through new opportunities that will bring enormous value to the Kingdom. During this season, as you strengthen your ability to recognize opportunity, you are going to position yourself to advance your success along with the success of your household, in Jesus’ name!


The Lord says it won’t be perfect, because the ideas that will develop into great opportunities tend to be thoroughly thought out when you hear them. They aren’t perfect. Your ability to see the imperfection shouldn’t blind you to the larger possibilities. That is going to be a wisdom key for you.

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