God is about to lead you into a major fruitful financial breakthrough like never before. It’s time to reap a fruitful harvest of plenty.


“The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few.” (Matthew 9:37)


A laborer is a giver! Here’s why: The Bible says that God gives seed to the sower (2 Cor. 9:10). And there can be no harvest of fruit unless a seed is planted! There are many individuals who desire a harvest, yet they allow the fear of money to keep them from accessing a harvest that is plentiful and fruitful!


You may be asking yourself, “What is the fear of money?”


The fear of money is termed chrometophobia or chrematophobia and it is an awful abnormal and persistent fear that one might mismanage money, lose money, not have enough money or that money might live up to its reputation as “the root of all evil.” WOW!


This detrimental phobia ultimately leads to money practices that hinder growth for abundance. People who have chrometophobia are less likely to invest, risk money or give money! In fact, they are more likely to hoard it out of fear! 


The Lord said that you must be careful of the FRUIT FLIES that desire to snatch your harvest! This also means you must guard your harvest against the awful fear of money because the enemy wants to use a phobia to keep you from receiving a harvest!


You must understand…

  • THE FEAR OF MONEY is the thought of lack and limitation!
  • THE FEAR OF MONEY is the suppression of the I AM within you!
  • THE FEAR OF MONEY is the absence of SEED, TIME & HARVEST!

It’s no secret that when you fear money, you can’t sow money and when you can’t sow, there is ultimately no seed in the ground that is germinating a fruitful harvest for your future! The bottom-line is when little has you, BIG can’t find you! This fear will cause you to experience struggle, limitation, and downright frustration because THERE CAN BE NO HARVEST OF FRUIT UNLESS A SEED IS PLANTED!




Are you looking for the Lord to bring you into a specific harvest? Do you desire the fruit of your seed to bring you into a major breakthrough that will give you the satisfaction and elation you desire? Lift up your hands unto the Lord because the voice of the Lord resonated from the heavens saying,


“Tell my people who are called by My name that I am opening the windows of heaven for those who will labor to receive the HARVEST of PLENTY. Because of your seed, the place you are standing is NOW filled with miracles and blessings. Open your eyes and see the fruit of your labor unfolding, see your dreams coming true, see your household being abundantly blessed and blessed and blessed! You are a GIVER, which there are few, and because of your faithfulness, the HARVEST known as PLENTY shall be yours!”


Give God praise wherever you are right now for your HARVEST of PLENTY! Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus!


As the Lord was declaring your harvest, there are 3 angels surrounding your property.


The Lord says that your field has been marked even now for a PLENTIFUL visitation, in the name of Jesus! The financial stagnation that you have experienced is being interrupted. The financial worries are getting ready to subside If you can believe the prophet! That is why the enemy has been working so hard to keep you bound and weak. The hand of the Lord is resting upon you to do great exploits!



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