Are you going through opposition? Do you feel like you can not meet life, you must be going through pain? Then you must know opposition is a catalyst for growth. Opposition shows up for a reason.

During my trip to Greece, I went mountain climbing, a physical activity that helped me to gain a better perspective on the importance of opposition and resistance in our natural lives. We climbed some vast mountains. Oftentimes, we’ve climbed so high that we were above the clouds. For the first time in my life, I was celebrating resistance. As we climbed, I was looking for the stones that were stumbling blocks to become footing to get me to the next height. Opposition! If the terrain were smooth as we climbed the mountain, I would have never made it to the top.
The stumbling blocks in your life are there so that you can use them to catapult you to your success. It is the resistance and opposition that give you that traction that you need to move to the next level in life.

All seeds look for resistance. A seed is placed into the ground and dirt is piled on top of it. The seed celebrates the resistance of the dirt packed over it. Its only reward for living is its ability to grow beyond the dirt that is packed on top of it. Opposition!

“The stone that the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone.”(Mark 12:10)

Here is a master key. The greater your rejection, the greater your anointing. You are not anointed until you are rejected. Your rejection is designed to protect your anointing. Until you celebrate opposition, you will not experience growth in your life. The fact that you have experienced poverty is a sign that you are a candidate for prosperity. However, many have stayed under the dirt and never gave themselves permission to rise up against the resistance. The prophetic word will give your growth in your life with a free prophecy.

The greater your rejection, the greater your anointing.

Change cannot come until your pain becomes larger than the change. You have to become larger than your pain to provoke change. Some people have signed up for the “pain management” class. Wrong class! In medicine, when the doctors have exhausted all of their options for treatment and have given up hope, they often tell the patient, “All we can do for you is to help manage your pain.” Well, in life, your pain is not to be managed. Your pain is not to be dulled. Your pain is designed to provoke change.

Pain is a signal that something is out of place. Some people have learned to accept their pain instead of making the decision to change and eradicate the pain. If someone puts your arm behind your back and keeps lifting it, what are you going to feel? Pain. Why are you going to feel pain when your arm is behind your back? Because your arm does not belong there. Many people are in economic and financial pain. Why? Because they just don’t belong there!

Inquire of the Lord

Saul was a Benjamite. “Benjamin” means “son of my right hand.” Benjamin was the brother, possibly the full brother, of Joseph. Joseph was put in prison by his brothers. Joseph’s father gave him a coat of many colors. Esoterically, that means that Joseph had a greater imagination than the rest of his brothers. He was multifaceted and multi talented. You can’t be a good prophet without imagination. Imagination is creation. You can’t manifest without imagination. So, whenever God anoints a man or a woman, He gives them the ability to imagine the possibilities of what can be.

It does not take faith to see what you are in the present. It takes faith to see your potential in God. It is difficult for me to see objectively. If you show me a seed, I see an apple orchard. If you show me your last dollar, I see an account that the FDIC cannot insure. Show me a man, I see a nation. Show me a person that is sick, I see someone on their way to experiencing a miracle. Show me someone who is downtrodden, I see a resurrected individual coming out of the sod of life. When the prophet’s eyes are on your situation, it is difficult to explain the miraculous works that will assist you in your transition.

You do have angels working with you, but in the midst you will have to contend with the struggle and struggle creates tension. Why the tension? Why the struggle? Why the opposition? Opposition shows up for a reason. You have to ask yourself, “What is the life lesson that I am supposed to learn?” You might as well learn it now so that you do not have to repeat it. Your Free Prophecy can help you move forward in life understand what opposition you will face and to overcome. Its all about stepping out and understand what is next in your life.

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