1Members of the church want to know God more. They want to hear a prophetic word to be encouraged. They need more power in their life or in their ministry. Believers need guidance. Sometimes, they also need wisdom in their business, their career, their ministry, and with any other area by which they need to make decisions.

In other cases, there are conflicts and struggles that they need prayers and wisdom for. Prophetic counseling is a significant ministry because of those things mentioned and more. Prophetic Counseling is different from psychological counseling (O’Brien). While this ministry can borrow from the science of Psychology, it is not centered on it. It is grounded on the Word of God and how it renews a believer’s mind.

More than life coaching, it is about experiencing a life change with the help of the prophet. Look at the way Nathan spoke into the life of King David, as well as how prophets spoke into the life of kings was crucial then, and it remains significant today. Would you like to speak with a prophet? Click here to get your free written prophecy.

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