1Seeking counsel is one part, applying it is the other. Often times, people around us give us advice on what we should do in certain situations when we ask for their help. When we receive any advice given to us for personal gain or for others, it must be assessed properly before even taking it into consideration. When you are in a low point in your life, depressed or in a rut and you want to get out of that situation, somebody advising you to do drugs might not have your best interest at heart and might just lead you to an even worse situation.

Any advice given to us should be assessed properly. Will this help me in the long run? Will this be beneficial to me and to other people concerned? Will this do good for me and others? Most importantly, will this honor God? These are some of the questions we should ask ourselves when considering any advice given to us. When you speak to a prophet he can give you advice straight from God himself.

What we have to assess when seeking counsel from the Lord is how we can glorify Him more with what He has instructed us to do. As humans, we cannot comprehend what He has in store for us, but what we can do on our part is we can evaluate what God has told us, and learn how we can improve on it and use it for us to be a blessing to others. We can assure ourselves that doing God’s work can only lead to goodness and eventually, eternal life with the Lord.

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