Its Time to Understand How to See the World with Prophetic Eyes

How is all this possible with the understanding that the world you see with your physical eyes is not the world? It is merely a collection of atoms and quantum particles interpreted by your brain via your eyes. The real world is invisible because it is within you. Each of us has a world within us, the world behind our eyes. In that world, your subjective experience shapes reality Your Free Prophecy can help you view this and see how this can help you.. You are worldview. You Need Prophetic EYES, You must know how you view the world, because that is how the world views you! Everyone you meet, everything you encounter in your waking life is a reflection of the self that lives in that invisible world.

The visible world needs an effect to know something is real. That’s objectivity, and it limits us to the physical, when we know we and reality are much more than physical. The man of faith needs only faith to know the reality of the world within. When you live based on faith, you imagine God out of yourself. God presses out of you and affects your external reality. If you can live in your imagination every second of the day, you will imagine God out and manifest wonders!

The Prophetic Word Given can bring Success

We can be as successful as we can be with God within us. The error many people make is thinking that God is outside of us, dwelling somewhere in the sky, looking down on us. Wrong. God inhabits each one of us. That is why the existence of God cannot ever be proved or disproved. He is a personal God that looks out of the spiritual eyes of each one of us. If you only believe in a God without, you will not be successful. You have reality within you and you are God in that reality. God has given you the power to determine your reality. Ultimately, the responsibility for our lives rests with us, not God. He gives us the potential and guides us in the working of His economy. It is up to us to bring into being the life that we desire.

To bring that economy into play, you must feel like a winner with no doubt. You must employ the science of impression and impress upon yourself that your success is already achieved. All things you need come from your dream state, where you create your reality. Man is the potential of God. He is God realized in this reality. Dreams are God speaking to your internal potential, not your external reality. You may pray to God, but God also prays to you in your dreams. You need God, but God also needs you. What is it that your Free Prophecy is telling you next ? What does God want to tell you through your free prophecy.

Here’s one to think on: are you God dreaming you’re a man or are you a man dreaming you are God? Or both at the same time?

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