1God has put power inside of you. Did you know this? The moment you decided to give your life to God, you have received all the gifts and abilities that you can ever imagine. You get to manifest these things through the power of prophecy. Receiving your written prophecy allows you to discover the many talents that God has already given you. You just haven’t accessed them yet.

As long as you know and can properly discern and use what is in your hand you will never need anything in life. You will recognize that you are the supply that you need. Whenever you are at your lowest point in life and it seems like you cannot make it, it seems like you are at your last that is when you need to look to what is already in your hands. Moses was a great man, leader, and deliverer.

If Moses ever had a major fault it would have been not realizing the power of his own hands. Do you remember when God told Moses to go to Pharaoh and tell him to let my people go? Moses’ excuse was that he was slow of speech and tongue. He told God that he stuttered. Notice Moses had something of worth in his hand but he was focusing on his inability rather than his ability. Isn’t that what many people do? Perhaps that is what you do from time to time.

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