The wealthy plan to create a check for at least four generations, while the poor plan to spend their entire check for Saturday night.


During this LAW of ABUNDANCE season, the Lord is leading you into increase where you are going to walk into financial breakthroughs you’ve never imagined were even possible! 


The Lord says,


“The moment you begin to execute your plan for abundance is the moment you become the recipient of it! You must plan for an increase. Otherwise, you are planning for a decrease!”


 Right now, do the following:

  • Find/Fill out a blank check with your name on it.
  • Make that check PAYABLE to you and SIGN it!
  • Write on the line, “The LAW OF ABUNDANCE.”
  • Write between your name and signature, PAID IN FULL.
  • Leave it in your check registry open (DON’T VOID).

After you follow these instructions, read Matthew 25:27 and understand that the powerful principle called INITIATING COMPOUND INTEREST must be followed.


“Well then, you should have put my money on deposit with the bankers, so that when I returned, I would have received it back with interest.”

(Matthew 25:27)


You must realize that God is calling you into wealth because there is interest connected to your ABUNDANCE CHECK! 




This LAW of ABUNDANCE season recite a special money affirmation that will do three specific things:

  • It will increase your income substantially over the next few weeks!
  • It will release your money angels immediately into the atmosphere!
  • It will cause money-making ideas to pop up in your mind, fervently!

Here is your special MONEY AFFIRMATION you must speak during the hours of either 1:18 AM or 1:18 PM. Speak this anointed prophetic affirmation during the time that works best for you. Make sure you speak this powerful affirmation in secret!




Dear Lord, I thank you for showering blessings of rich, lavish finances upon me now! Dear God, You have ways which are unexpected and unimaginable.

You have a myriad of ways to bless me.

I feel the money coming to me through unexpected avenues.

I now open my mind to receive riches and wealth from you in unexpected ways.

I feel Your miracles of wonder beginning to happen even now.

With You as my Source, everything good and wonderful form flows to me.

Dear Lord, Your blessings come to me in wondrous ways.

Lord, You provide for me in expected and unexpected ways.

My faith in You is strong and unshakable.

I am now connected to the infinite source of wealth and money.

I am committed to giving one-tenth to God’s good work.

This is making me richer!

All channels of money and wealth are now open to me, and I am richly, bountifully, and beautifully rewarded in every good way.

Your blessings make me rich and addeth no sorrow.

Thank You, Lord, for leading me to true prosperity.

With Your blessings, I attract riches and abundance in my life.

In everything, I give thanks to You, Lord!

Thank you, God! I am grateful for Your blessings of riches.

This is materializing now.

I am forever grateful.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

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