Our purpose is simple, it is to be a reflection of God’s love in everything we do, so that we can draw others to a personal relationship with Christ. When the disciples asked Christ what is the greatest commandment, Christ said the greatest commandment is to love the Lord thy God will all our heart, soul and strength. And the second is similar to it , to love our neighbor as ourself. These two commandments fulfill the entire essence of Him and his message to us. Our purpose embraces loving Him by abiding with God and becoming one with God in spirit in truth. We are to express His love in us to others by being a reflection of the kingdom of God.

We can start fulfilling His purpose in our life right now, this very moment. We do not have to become something other that what we already are. Anytime His love flows through us to others, we are reflecting the love of Him in our life. Anytime we can help a believer to grow in their relationship with Christ, we are doing the will of God in our life. And the great part is that we can start today.

Do we see that the first commandment is to love the Lord thy God with our heart, soul ans strength? Before we can show His love to others, it must be overflowing in our life. The first step to walk in our purpose is to fall deeply in love with God. Through learning to abide in Christ, by reading and meditating on His word, by spending time with Him in silence and solitude, by deserving it more than anything else in our life. When that begins to happen in our life, it can not help but spill over into the life of others and would not have to look for a purpose, we will just get into alignment with the purpose we already have. We will wake up each day with His love, joy and peace abiding in our heart and we look for opportunities to share that live and be a blessing in the life of others. If you want to share God love to others and your purpose in life through God work, talk to Master Prophet. And get your free prophecy.

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