It is important to recognize the power we have through the Holy Spirit. We are not powerful by ourselves just because we are Christians. There must be wisdom associated in our awareness of spiritual warfare. It is through your free prophecy that you become more aware of your spiritual growth and development. How has your spiritual walk been? According to the Gospel of Luke: “However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven” Luke 10:20.

In the same way, one must not rejoice by the fact that speaking in tongues protects us and makes demons flee. Instead, the reason for rejoicing is the fact that we can be this intimate with God that we can praise Him with a heavenly language. The relationship we have with God and the connection we experience through this spiritual gift is the cause of rejoicing.

Even the angels know that they cannot pronounce judgments against the devil. Instead, they will still rebuke the devil in the name and authority of God. In the same way, believers must also seek God’s will in terms of this ministry of inner healing and deliverance.

When we exert authority over the enemy in Jesus’ name, there must be a reverence for God. His will must be our priority, not our personal delusions of power of demons. Revelations can be revealed when we pray in the Spirit. Click here to learn more about the biblical prophecy and speak to a prophet today.

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