God does not want our minds to stress out because of the foolish acts of the enemy. Fighting the enemy will only result in missing the mark.

The enemy wants our hopes, desires, passions, dreams, and aspirations to fall to the ground, lifeless. In fact, the detours that we have chosen to take have led us down many dead-end streets. But God is interrupting that cycle in our life because there is too much at stake. That is why it’s imperative that we pay attention to what the prophet is saying!

The Father is giving us grace upon grace in 5 areas of our lives…


Nothing about our lives has been easy. We have had many temptations that would have caused the average person to lay down and quit. But God is saying, “Do not allow the enemy to have victory in our lives. Start confessing out of your own mouth— God already destroyed our obstacles!”

Our minds cannot continue to be a dumping ground for the enemy. The enemy’s schemes cannot pollute our imagination. Proclaim now that an unlimited supply of resources is reaching our homes right now! Our positive attitudes are the biggest reason why we were able to climb out of the pit and see the promise just ahead. We do not see pressure the same way others might see it. God already removed the roadblocks that tried to keep us from receiving the mind of God, in Jesus’ name!

The Spirit of the Lord is saying, “Our body is coming into divine alignment. Divine health is our portion. We are no longer a victim. We are a walking miracle. No matter how difficult the path appears to be, it’s never too late to dream again. Our hopes, desires, passions, dreams and aspirations shall live!”

Today shall be the day of liberation. The GRACE OF GOD is paving the way for our hopes, desires, passions, dreams, and aspirations to live! Whatever we touch in this season will turn to gold. We can defeat whatever held us back in the past! Right now, let’s defy the enemy’s hold on our destinies. God is giving us the grace to walk boldly through some open doors that the enemy had declared shut.


The Lord is showing us that even while mistreat us and talk about us, we stayed on our knees praying for God’s favor to overflow in our lives. The paradigm is shifting. God has the final say. Family restoration, healing, prosperity, grace and favor are upon us!


There is no failure in life, only lessons to learn. It’s the prophet’s assignment to make sure that we are moving toward the blessings of prosperity that God has for us. Come into an agreement that greater things are available and all things are possible. Don’t worry about our tomorrows. The Holy Spirit has our back. We will never reach our full potential if we walk around with our head down.

Negative thoughts produce negative results. Positive thoughts produce positive actions.


The enemy would love for us to break our prophetic connection. The enemy knows that our breakthroughs are happening. The Holy SPirit threw us a lifeline; the Father is moving on our behalf. God knew that we would run into situations where we would need guidance and direction, which is why He connected us to the Master Prophet.

Get focused on God and receive what is rightfully ours. Much is coming our way. The Holy Spirit is breathing life into every hope, desire, passion, dream and aspiration that has fallen asleep. The power to stay focused on what God is saying allows us to create our own reality.

Look around and see the full manifestation of what seemed to be broken promises. There is a tsunami of blessings being released.


Delay does not mean denial. The season that we are about to walk into is the season the enemy wanted to destroy. The hand of God is in our lives. We are the sound voice in our family. Instead of getting angry and frustrated when things do not go well, choose to seek the Father for the answer.

Don’t let the enemy convince us otherwise. SHOUT, “YOUR TIME IS UP!”

Believe the prophet and watch as you prosper this season.

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