He wants the people to remember that they are always welcome to eat the symbolic bread and wine, that they may be saved.

Why does Jesus want the people to break bread in remembrance of him? It is not because he wants recognition or attention. It is not because he wants to be glorified. Jesus wants people to remember to partake in his body and blood because it is for their own good.

Many times, people tend to fall out of God’s glory due to their sinfulness. They separate themselves from Jesus Christ. They walk in darkness, not realizing how empty and meaningless their lives are without spiritual enlightenment.  

Fortunately, when sinners remember the symbolic Bread and Wine, they are given an opportunity to return to Jesus Christ. They are reminded that they are always welcomed to take in Jesus, and to be one with him. This enables them to once again, walk in his ways and find joy in God’s grace.

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